To enable unique nanoelectronic applications;
1) The design and synthesis of engineered thin film for specific functions are required. Composites, nanolamellar or randomly mixed heterogeneous materials can create artificial materials with novel properties to overcome the limitation of conventional CMOS technology. New computing memory and transistor for the next generation are under investigation.

2) Atomic layer deposition (ALD) process has an advantage for very thin and conformal film growth. ALD process including surface treatments can modify the hydrophobic surface of low-dimensional nanomaterials for the fluent nucleation of the films. Additionally, ALD-grown film can act as a good gas barrier and provide extremely enhanced mechanical properties. Film growth behaviors and electrical/chemical/mechanical/optical properties of ALD-coated nanomaterials can be characterized. Inter-laboratory, inter-university, and interdisciplinary research and collaborations are on going now.

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